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About BLM 

Black Lives Matter (BLM) - Why are people protesting?

There has always been an insurmountable inequality between black people and white people. Black people have to live in fear for their lives every day that they breathe. They try to speak out about the injustices in society that are piled against them, and every time, they are looked down upon by the people in power. Enough is enough. People are attending the peaceful protests across the nation, both Black people and allies alike, to speak out against and spread awareness of police brutality in the USA. This movement is known as the Black Lives Matter movement (AKA BLM). [ #1 ]

About This Project

Amelia Aversano created the original Google Doc and shared it on TikTok, where it went viral. The Google Doc served as a resource to educate people about all things BLM, but also to help people educate their parents and others who may not agree with BLM. The website was created to expand upon the Google Doc and present information in a more professional matter.

Sources in the Google Doc and on the website are linked in this fashion, with the numbers serving as links: [ #1 ], [ #2 ], [ #3 ]

From a Google Doc to a website,

this resource aims to amplify the voices of the Black community, educate people of all ages and races about the movement BLM, and guide the country towards a place of equity. 

Already used by thousands of people to educate and inform those around them, these resources will continue to be updated, translated, and improved.


CO-DIRECTORS: Vishrut Chaurasia & Yanni Ma

WRITERS: Amelia Aversano, Adrian Antonioli, Madeline Boughner, Marian Caballo, Haarika Karlapati, Marcella Rodio, Adam Snider

EDITORS: Yanni Ma, Emma Saiter

WEBSITE DESIGN: Yanni Ma, Breanna Ransom

SMS MANAGEMENT: Emma Saiter, Marcella Rodio, Yanni Ma

PREVIOUS CONTRIBUTORS: Kelly Allen, Angel Polkey, Daniel Wilk

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