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Leah's Poem

*Say their names*


Say their names, say their names with me 

Say it until we’re dead on the tatami 

Say it for them 

Sing it like our anthem 


One day, one dead

One day, one head 


And yes, that’s what it’s like to be black 

The justice system’s wack 

Justice is what we lack 

Police doesn’t even have our back 

The government’s on crack 


Then they wonder why we want to scream like Cardi? 

Because yes we’re pressed

Because we’re oppressed 

And that makes us depressed 

And everyone’s dead silent in the press 

The only blacks they care about are the West’s


Show their faces 

So they get cases 


What are you mad for? 

Is that because we use metaphors? 

I know, we’re really up score 

If you feel bad, you can hit the door 

Like they did with the floor 

You’re fed up? Wait there’s even more 

Yeah I know, truth’s really hardcore

No truth, no truce 

Your soul’s going to be sore 

And then you’ll be "sorry"

Oh, this hurts your hearts? 

Cool, that’s what I’m here for 


After all it’s not a crime to make good rhymes 


You call them the d-word 

Do you know what has happened before?

Rest in power 

Share it to the world 


Burn the cops 

Because of them we have trauma we need to cope with 

All of that because they thought he was a thief 

Now I have to deal with grief 


They still lynch us but don’t use ropes

Does that mean that we can have hope? 

If we don’t fight who will? The Pope? 

You know that the answer’s nope 


Now you’re cosplaying us?

Did you have to sit at the back of the bus? 


Assaulting us isn’t funny

Neither is killing my homie

and it isn’t better to steal my money


Raping us isn’t robbery 

Since we aren’t anyone’s property 

It’s just a felony

We worth more than a dime 

 Attacking us is a crime 


We’ll fight for our rights and our safety 

One day at night we’ll dream properly 


« Not all cops are bad » 

« Then where were the good ones to save my dad? »


We thought things would change 

But at life we don’t have any chance 

We get money now but barely the minimum wage 

We are more likely to die than the average 

And they still wonder why we feel this rage 

We get killed before we get engaged 

And when we do, we get killed too 


Keep my life out of your politics 

Keep your mouth out of my ethics 

Keep all those fake apologies 


You say racism ended 

But why are we dying because of a cop’s hand? 

Because he thought I was in a gang?

I was parking my Range Rover 

No drugs, no weapon, I was totally sober 

If I would have known I would have gotten home sooner 

I was playing games, I thought that was fun 

I went for a run 

I thought they had peace to offer 

Then he pulled out his gun

I realized that I was wrong and now the game’s over.


Leah Klaer, she/her, Black tee

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