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"Looting is too much": A Response

“I understand the peaceful protesting, but the looting is too much. Trump’s statement was justified.”

     There have been multiple statements from large corporations that they have recovered from looting incidents in less than two days. They are multi-million dollar companies. Even Target, which was the original looting site that caused the initial uproar, released a press statement about how they had already begun their recovery procedures. In addition to that, they would also be closing a number of their storefronts in the wake of George Floyd and would be supplying basic first-aid supplies, water, and other essentials with local nonprofits in Minneapolis.

    True protestors are taking extra measures to make sure that small businesses are left alone. There are multiple videos showing protestors apprehending violent rioters, stopping them from causing unnecessary damage to local property.

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Amelia Aversano


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